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Employee Advocacy - Why Is This the Ultimate Marketing Power Tool?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

What exactly is Employee Advocacy?

To be honest, I had to look it up (here is the link).

I had thought that Employee Advocacy was just a posh word for getting a good deal for your friends and family at the place where you worked.

There is a lot more to it than that.

Social media has made us into round-the-clock online revellers. We are therefore perfect targets for pinpointed advertising campaigns.

And, we have also become the prized medium for modern, "always on" digital marketing.

This is the essence of Employee Advocacy.

By putting the psychological phenomenon of 'Peer Influence' to work, employees have quickly become the ultimate sales and marketing tool - a tool that can reach Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime!

In this post, I have listed the three fundamental and fascinating components that give Employee Advocacy its special power.

1. The Frame: The Explosive Growth of Social Media Usage

Global statistics in June 2016 showed that 97% of all online adults aged 16-64 had been active on a social network within the previous month.

Taking into account that at that time around 46% of the world's population – that's 3.4 Billion earthlings – had access to the internet, with an average annual increase in users of 16% since the year 2000, the ascent of online activity is explosive.

Now, imagine having this entire framework at your disposal for all your sales and marketing needs.

The power potential is enormous.

But, there is more to it than just the frame.

Enter component number 2.

2. The Fuel: The Power of Peer Influence

In today's world, we are bombarded with well-crafted and persuasive advertising campaigns that are designed to meet or even create our desires.

But, they have become too obvious.

And, this is a growing trend.

A recent report into global trust in advertising concluded that the most reliable form of promotion comes straight from the people we know and trust. Eighty-three per cent of the interviewees stated that they trusted the recommendations of friends and family and would act upon them.

Let’s look at this closer to home.

On wanting to purchase - let's say - a new laptop, you'd ask family and friends first what they think.

For the best value mobile phone network, you'd go and ask 'nephew James', who "knows about these things."

Or, with social media at your fingertips at all times, you just fire off a tweet or status update on Facebook to find out from your network which brand, product, or service they'd choose.

Organic advice from real people anytime, anywhere. That is the fuel that powers Employee Advocacy.

All we need now is a driving force.

Enter component number 3.

3. The Engine: The Engaged and Committed Employee

Let's look at the core of this fascinating concept: The loyal and committed workforce.

The latest Global Employee Engagement Index Report shows that this powerful driving force is multiplying at an impressive rate.

Out of employees surveyed in 53 countries around the world, an average of 29% are fully committed to their workplace.

One-third of the global workforce has the level of commitment required to become advocates of their company and share profit-inducing messages with their peers!

So, on combining the frame, fuel and engine you have a digital marketing power tool.

More and more marketers are coming to the same conclusion, and the number of available platforms to launch such a concept is growing steadily.

Some of the Employee Advocacy platforms currently on the market are Hootsuite Amplify, LinkedIn Elevate, Trapit, Sociabble, Everyone Social, Dynamic Signal, Bambu, Oktopost and SoAmpli.

It is somewhat reassuring to see that Employee Advocacy has such power potential in modern marketing.

This is the proof that in a world where AI is the word of the moment good old people power still rules and can have a top spot in the marketing tool rankings.

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