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How to Transform Your Business Blog into a Customer Magnet

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Good business blogs are my favourite research resources. They have tips, tricks and insider information on almost any topic.

The best blogs have expertly-crafted content presented in an appealing format persuading you to visit over and over again. Their ultimate purpose is to convert you into a customer.

So, does your blog come up to scratch as a conversion tool?

Would you like to know how to transform it into a customer magnet?

I’m going to show you how by taking you to my go-to blog.

The Perfect Business Blog

Hubspot’s blog is a great model for what you can do to draw returning visitors to your website and sooner or later convert them into customers.

I’m one of them.

Don’t be put off by the size of the company or the blog. The principles applied here work for small businesses too.

1. Visual Appeal & Site Navigation

Here's a screenshot of the Hubspot blog homepage:

Can you see how the large, high-quality images and bold, warm colours invite you to stay?

The efficient user interface and professional look make it easy to navigate around the site.

This is important! You can have the best content in the world. Make your site accessible and attractive or nobody will read it.

Here’s an example of a blog with great content but poor visual appeal and site navigation: SEO Guru Neil Patel’s blog.

Can you see the difference?

2. Content Variety & Accuracy

Hubspot’s current topics and educational posts are useful research and inspiration resources. The large variety of the content is categorised into marketing, sales, service and news & trends

For a B2B copywriter like me, this feels like I’m in content heaven.

I always check out Hubspot’s blog site first when writing a B2B article.

It’s important to me to quickly find what I’m looking for and that I can trust in the information’s reliability.

Ensure that your blog content comes from an accurate source!

3. Engaging Headlines & CTAs


Take a look at the wording of the two headlines.

The copy is engaging. The claims “Growing organic reach by 185%” and “Finding a dream job” appeal to marketers, copywriters and job seekers alike.

Writing compelling headline copy is worth 80% of copywriting according to the ‘Father of Advertising’, David Ogilvy.

Tempt your visitors to click through to your content, even if they weren’t looking for it.

Steve Jobs said: “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” Make sure your headlines are irresistible.


Look at the CTA on the left. The bold colour begs for your attention. The copy is both concise and tempting.

It encourages you to click-through. You want to be “really good at marketing” and have just enough time for a “crash course”.

The wording and visual appeal of a CTA are crucial. Clicks on CTAs lead to interaction outside the confines of the blog.

It’s like inviting an acquaintance for a meal at your house. You want to make it as appealing as possible. It could be the first step to a ‘beautiful friendship’.

For more information on writing engaging copy, check out my article “9 Copywriting Secrets on how to engage your Readers”.

4. Freshness & Consistency

Your blog’s magnetism can only function if you keep its content fresh.

A great way of gaining returning visitors is to offer them hot tidbits in a “Top Picks” section on your blog.

Visitors love to get a quick gist of what’s hot at that moment without spending much time reading.

Become the go-to fresh content destination for your audience.

5. Good Social Media Extension

Social media content is a valuable extension to a blog.

Go the Hubspot blog and click on their social media feeds in the page footer. See how their content ‘expands’?

The only criticism I have here is that you could miss the social media icons at the bottom of the page. Always put them in an accessible position.

If CTAs are dinner invitations at your house, social media content is the house party.

This is a way to introduce your readers to your network. You can become the facilitator of business opportunities.

Offer valuable marketing tidbits from a variety of industry sources in your social media feed. Engage with your business community. This shows that you are at the forefront of all things new. It validates you as an expert in your field.

Do you agree with me that the Hubspot blog is a customer magnet?

I’m not recommending you spend thousands of £££ on a comprehensive web design such as Hubspot’s.

I’m showing you that even the tiniest blog can benefit from big ideas.

In a nutshell: Make it appealing and easy for visitors to find fresh quality content on your blog.

They will return. Again. And again. And, when they need your expertise or product, they will choose you.

If you need my help in setting up or writing on your blog, get in touch!