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Podcasting: 3 Genius Ways to Harvest the Benefits without Producing a Single Show

Updated: May 31, 2019

Podcasting - Producing great content

If you are like me, you’ve watched the rise of podcasting to popular heights with excitement. But, I’m put off by the cost of the equipment and the relentless commitment to produce or ‘disappear’ in cyberspace.

My excitement stems from the realisation of what a great medium podcasting could be to grow my audience.

The stats are impressive: Surveys from Edison Research in 2018 have shown that US podcasts had approximately 73 million monthly and 48 million weekly listeners then. In the UK, Ofcom has declared a podcasting boom with a 50% rise in listeners within five years to nearly six million at the end of 2018.

Don’t you want a slice of this too?

There is good news for us non-podcasting marketers. We can use this marketing tool to grow our brands without producing a single show.

Here’s how:

1. Become a Podcast Show Guest

Podcast hosts are always looking for interesting guests. And, for you, appearing on a podcast show that is relevant to your audience is an excellent way of growing your brand awareness without much effort.

You can provide a compelling pitch to a podcast host and engaging content for the listeners by repurposing any number of blog posts or articles in your repertoire.

Of course, you have to do some legwork first:

  • Look for podcasts that cover your industry or expertise and host guests regularly.

  • Become a fan or at least get to know the podcast show well before you pitch. The host will quickly work it out if you’re pitching without ever having listened to his show. After all, this is his or her baby. Please treat it with the respect you’d want for your work.

  • Check out the host’s website for any guest spot advertisements. Most hosts have a section where they tell you whom they’d want to see on their show. That way, you’re not wasting your or the host’s time with a pitch into the dark.

  • Always write your pitch in your tone of voice and make it short. The host doesn’t need to hear your life story. He or she wants to know how you can add value to the show with your personal brand.

And, most importantly, don’t forget your CTA at the end of the recording!

2. Repurpose Podcast Content

Repurposing content can work the other way round as well. Podcast shows are an excellent source for filling up on new content idea goodies.

You can use the content of any of the podcasts identified in point 1 as inspiration for some fresh blog posts or articles. Use an audio transcript tool or simply the good old pen and paper method to make up your own notes.

So, off you go ‘blog casting’ your spin of great content for your personal brand.

3. Become a Podcast Sponsor

Many podcasts earn money through sponsorships. Sponsoring a popular podcast relevant to your business could give you excellent ROI.

Alternatively, you could pitch a podcaster to review or promote your product or service to get a sales boost.

The figures confirm this: According to Acast, almost a quarter of UK adults had listened to a podcast in March 2018. The same survey showed that a whopping 76% of those Brits followed up on an ad or sponsored message. That’s serious business!

Before you read this article, you may not have thought of using podcasting for your marketing.

I hope you now agree with me that it has the potential to be a brilliant marketing tool.

If you're not sure how to repurpose your content, I can help.

Contact me at caren@clg-writing.co.uk.