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Want to Boost Your Business? Hire a Copywriter!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

“Have you read that article about Company X? Now, that’s great info! I’m going to buy from them.”

Sounds too good to be true?

It doesn’t have to be!

Dragon Search Marketing has found that “61 per cent of consumers say that they are more likely to buy from a company that provides custom content.”

Well-written communication can give your business a huge boost!

You can, of course, attempt to have a go at creating such content yourself.

But, here are the top seven reasons why hiring a professional copywriter makes better sense.

1. Time

Do you have a few hours spare to craft and publish blog posts, website content, newsletters, social media updates or product descriptions?

I’m not talking about a few lines here and there to show that you’re an active communicator.

I’m talking about custom content.

The answer is very likely ‘No’.

“Creation of content is meant to build an affinity with your existing audience. This content would reinforce the brand, communicate the value of the product and create new opportunities. Custom Content is the creation of ”branded content” for a customer.” Andrew Boer, Adotas

2. Confidence

Are you in perfect command of spelling, punctuation and syntax?

Do you have the confidence to write content that creates the right image for your brand?

Bad grammar and clumsy wording show a lack of attention to detail. I wouldn’t feel confident about a company that promotes itself in such a way.

Would you?

3. Skill

Writing persuasive copy that resonates with your audience is a skill.

Your copy needs to hook and engage the reader. It needs to be short and savvy, attention-grabbing and memorable; and provoke action.

Do you know how to apply specific methods to get your readers to notice, remember and trust you?

This is not an easy task at all.

Professional copywriting is a lot more than being good with words. It’s a learned trade.

4. Knowledge

Today, careless political incorrectness or violations against rules and regulations can destroy us.

Before you publish any content, you need to be sure that you’re not offending anybody. There are also stringent rules about advertising.

Are you familiar with them all?

Qualified copywriters have studied this and are keeping abreast with any new regulations.

Knowledge is power; and protection too.

5. Frustration with Content Mills

We all love a bargain. But, we also know that we get what we pay for.

Content mills like People Per Hour or Upwork are a fast way to find somebody to write you a cheap piece of copy. And that’s it.

The quality of the work is generally substandard. In content mills, you will find a lot of unqualified or non-native writers. They don’t have full command of the English language, let alone the skills you are looking for.

You'll waste a lot of time proofreading and editing the purchased content. This is as irritating as it is counterproductive.

Professional copywriters guarantee the quality of their work. They include proofreading and editing in their delivery process and often cover backend submissions and visuals as well.

6. SEO Penalties

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term most business owners have heard of.

Knowledge and application, however, are left to the experts.

There is a good reason for this.

Did you know that the mighty Google penalises websites and blogs for bad content?

Bad content includes text copied from other sites (plagiarism), poorly structured articles (no breaks or headers) and exaggerated repetition of words (keyword stuffing).

The bots curl up their little claws at badly written content and punish you with bad page rankings.

Another reason to let a professional copywriter take the helm.

7. Flexibility

Small businesses don’t have the resources to employ copywriters. And often, there isn’t a need for it either.

But, it is vital that you have a copywriting resource available to you when needed.

Professional copywriters are perfect for SME’s. You can engage them when needed, and they charge you based on each project.

If you stick with one copywriting service, they will get to know you and your audience. They produce copy tailored to your brand without much direction from you.

So, let’s go back:

“Have you read that article about Company X? Now, that’s great info! I’m going to buy from them.”

That doesn’t sound too good to be true anymore!

Ready to take on a professional copywriter?

I’m happy to wield your pen.

Get in touch.